The Government Engineering College, Sheohar began in the premises of Motihari Engineering College and aspires to shift to the permanent campus very soon. A new venture always has its share of excitement, hardships and compromises. We have passed the phase of infancy and uncertainty and are gearing up to look into a promising future. The college is committed to providing a conducive environment induced with scientificity and societal values for the holistic development of the students. In adopting a student-centric approach, consistent efforts are being made to ensure that the students learn and grow in the ambiance where extracurricular activities merge with the obligatory academic learning in order to prepare the young minds for future challenges. Keeping in view the career interests of the students, it is desirable that some professional and career building academic programmes are introduced to make the students well equipped for the competitive world beyond the college.

While the interests of students are central to the development of the institution, the well being of the ever-growing faculty is also our focus. They are encouraged to adopt experiential, innovative and engaging teaching methods imbibed with human values to nurture and prepare skilled citizens. Infrastructural development is consistently under progress to facilitate academic and research activities of high standards. The endeavours are being made to modernise and augment the teaching and infrastructure in the way that a perfect blend of tradition and modernity is reflected in every individual.

I am quite certain that a dynamic academic culture will emerge and flourish from the collective efforts of the faculty, the non-teaching staff and the students that will inspire all the coming generations. Moreover, the present shall become the guiding force paving the way for all those who are a part of or will become a part of Government Engineering College, Sheohar.

Good wishes to you all!

Prof. (Dr.)Shahiruddin