Mr.Kaustubh Kumar Shukla (Faculty)


Mr.Kaustubh Kumar Shukla

Electronics And Communication Engineering

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Ph.D.-Pursuing(Date of Registration:09-11-2018),Vinayaka Mission's Research Foundation(Deemed to be University),Salem-636 308,Tamilnadu,India.
M.E.-VLSI Design(2011-2013),Anna University,Chennai-600 025,Tamilnadu,India.
B.E.-ECE(2007-2011),Vinayaka Missions University,Salem-636 308,Tamilnadu,India.
Subject Expertise
Digital Signal Processing
Transmission Lines & Waveguides
Electronic Device and Circuits
Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes
Network Analysis & Circuit Theory
Electromagnetic Theory
Analog Communication
Area Of Research
VLSI Design
Sensor Technology
Circuits & System Modelling
Professional Experience
Guest Assistant Professor: Department of ECE, Government Engineering College, Sheohar, Bihar (From 13th September 2021 to till Date).
Assistant Professor: Department of ECE, Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh (From 6th August 2015 to 31st August 2021).
Assistant Professor: Department of ECE, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and Technology, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh (From 26th December 2014 to 17th July 2015).
Assistant Professor: Department of ECE,Sreenivasa Institute of Technology and Management Studies,Chittoor,Andhra Pradesh(From 1st July 2014 to 24th December 2014).
Assistant Professor: Department of ECE, Gnanamani College of Engineering, Namakkal, Tamilnadu (From 1st June 2013 to 30th April 2014).
Projects Executed
"Study and Implementation of Green Power in Campus Environment"-Under Dr.T.Muthumanickam Sir,as a Research Mentor.
"Intelligent irrigation monitoring and control system through internet"--Under Dr.T.Muthumanickam Sir,as a Research Mentor.
List Of Publications
“3-D Complex Structural Modifications to Obtain Utmost Sensitivity Using MEMS Technology” in Advanced Science Letters, ISSN No.-1936-6612, Volume-26, Issue- 06, Page-895-906, June 2020.
“Comparative Study of Sensitivity Improvement through Mechanical Properties of Micro-Cantilever”, Journal of Information and Computational Science, ISSN-1548-7741, Vol.-9, Issue-11, Nov.-2019.
“Study and Analysis of MEMS based Micro-Cantilever Sensor and its Medical Applications”, Journal of Applied Science and Computation, ISSN-1076-5131, Vol.-06, Issue-2, Page-1812-1819,Feb.-2019.
“Design of MEMS based Micro Cantilever” in International Journal of Advanced in Management, Engineering and Technology,ISSN No.-2456-2998,Volume-04,Issue-01,Page-985-990,January-2019.
“Symmetric Filter Design using Band-Pass Transformation Techniques” in International Journal of VLSI System Design and Communication Systems, ISSN: 2322-0929, Vol.-05, Issue-09,-Sept.-2017.
“Design and Development of a Signal Conditioning Board for Industrial Applications”, International Journal of Trend in Research and Development,e-ISSN:2394-9333,Volume-4 ,Issue-1,Jan.-Feb. 2017.
“Design and Analysis of Semi-Transparent Flip-Flops for high Speed and Low Power Applications in Networks”,IOSR Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering ,ISSN: 2278-1676,(SMART-2016).
“Concurrent Error Detection for BCH Encoders and Syndrome Computation”, International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology, ISSN: 2231-2803, Vol. -17, Issue-1, Page-12-17, Nov.2014.
Conference Attended (National/International)
Presented a paper titled “MEMS Technology for Early Stage Diesis Detection Using Micro-Cantilever Structure in Support of Biomedical Applications “at the ICTSGS-1 conference led by Yamagata University Japan.ICTSGS-1(International Conference On Technologies For Smart Green Connected Societies 2021 was held on November 29th-30th, 2021,organized by SPAST foundation and associated partner institutions).
Presented a Paper entitled “Optimization of MEMS Pressure Sensor for Biomedical Applications” in the 4th International E-Conference ICETIIT-2021 on 17th-18th Sept. 2021 at The Quaide Milleth College for Men in collaboration with Dambi Dollo University, Ethiopia [ISBN:978-81-948555-8-3].
Presented a paper entitled “MEMS based Smart Sensor for Estimation of Essential Pressure in Artificial Medium” at St. Claret College, Bengaluru; during International Virtual Conference on ‘Emerging Trends in Science and Technology’ SAMVIT – 2K21 on 05th & 06th August 2021.
Presented a paper entitled “Effects of Thermally Induced Deformations and Surface Radiosity for 3-D Heat Transfer and its Applications” in International Conference TIME-2021 organized by Sagar Institute of Science and Technology,Bhopal,M.P.,India on 10th -11th May,2021.
Presented a paper entitled “MEMS based Biosensor for Disease Identification “in virtual conference SCAC-21, organized by PSNA College of Engineering & Technology on 31st March 2021.
Presented a paper entitled “Investigation of ZnO as Substitute Explicit Materials in Sensor Innovation”, ICRDSET-2021, St. Anne’s College of Engineering and Technology, on 5th March 2021.
Presented a paper entitled “Performance analysis of MEMS-based piezoresistive pressure sensor” in international conference on 3rd-5th December 2020 at K L University.
Presented a Paper entitled “MEMS Based Gesture Controlled Robot Using Wireless Communication” on 4th-5th July 2020, organized by The Quaide Milleth College for Men [ISBN: 978-93-5407-331-1].
Presented a Paper "Modelling and Simulation to Achieve Maximum Responses of Micro-Cantilever using COMSOL"on 26th-27th June 2020, Ramco Institute of Technology [ISBN: 978-93-5407-648-0].
Presented a Paper “Adoption of Semiconductor Materials in Support of MEMS Technology” on 20th June 2020,Vasantrao Naik Art’s, Commerce and Science College [ISBN: 978-93-87098-56-5].
Presented a Paper “Micro & Nanosensors as a Better Monitoring System”, 15th-16th June 2020, Sadguru Gadage Maharaj College&Shri Pancham Khemraj Mahavidyalaya [ISBN: 978-93-88901-14-7].
Presented a Paper entitled “MEMS based Sensor for Location Tracking and Monitoring Process” in the National Conference (Virtual) on 13th-14th August 2021 at VEMU Institute of Technology, Chittoor,Andhra Pradesh [ISBN: 978-93-90631-89-6].
Presented a Paper “Investigations & Characteristics of Heat Transfer in Different Microstructure Devices” on 26th-27thAugust 2020 at NIT, Jamshedpur,Published on 6th February 2021 by AIJR Publisher [ISBN: 978-81-947843-2-6],
Presented a Paper entitled “Certain Solutions to solve the Health Problems of Farmers due to COVID-19”, on 25th June 2020, Organized by Jaysingpur College,Jaysingpur.
Presented a Paper entitled “Silicon Based Micro Hot Plate for sensing Applications”, on 19th&20th June 2020, Sagar Institute of Research and Technology, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
Presented a Paper entitled “Estimation of Semi-Transparent flip-flops for high speed & Low Power Appl. in Networks” on 21st -22nd Oct.2016 organized by Sree Vidyanikethan Engg. College, Tirupati.
Presented a Paper entitled “Accurate static leakage power estimation in CMOS logic circuits” on 3rd- 4th March 2015, SVCET, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.
Presented a Paper entitled “Smart antenna technology for future wireless systems”, 5th -6th Aug.2010 at VMKV Engineering College,Salem,Tamilnadu.
Presented a Paper entitled “Applications of virtual instrumentation” on 25th Sept.2008 at VMKV Engineering College, Salem, Tamilnadu.
Presented a paper "A Smart Sensor Using MEMS Technology for Artificial Environmental Monitoring" in the International Conference on “Advancements in Nanoelectronics and Communication Technologies”(ICANCT-2022) held on February 24th-26th, 2022 jointly organized by Department of ECE, Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management & Gramothan, Jaipur (India) and Institution of Engineers (India), Rajasthan State Center, Jaipur in Association with CSIR-IMMT:InTEC-MAITRI, Bhubaneswar.
Lifetime Membership of IAENG (International Association of Engineers), Membership No.-271452.
Lifetime Membership of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), Membership No.-LM 91760.
Awards and Honors
Silver Medalist for Securing University Second Rank during UG(B.E.-ECE,2007-2011) from Vinayaka Missions University,Salem-636 308,Tamilnadu,India.
Acted as a Guest Speaker for an online lecture (webinar), “The Role of Electrical and Electronics Design in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems” at Excel Engineering College on 23rd October 2021.
Acted as a Resource Person for “A 10-Day Exclusive Orientation Programme for I Year B.E./B,Tech.Students” in between 9th- 23th October 2021 at Erode Sengunthar Engineering College.
Acted as a Resource Person for the “Refresher Programme for Electronics Engineering Faculties” at Vinayaka Mission’s Kirupananda Variyar Engineering College,Salem,Tamilnadu on 23rd June 2021.
Acted as a Resource Person for a Webinar at Sri Ganesh College of Arts & Science, 22nd Jan. 2021.
Acted as Resource Person for a webinar at Kongunadu College of Engg.& Tech., on 12th Sept.2020.
Received 2nd Best Oral Presentation Awarded in International Virtual Conference, 20th June 2020.
Acted as a Resource Person for a webinar at PERI Inst. of Technology, Chennai on 12th May 2020.
Acted as a Resource Person for a Seminar at Sri Ganesh College of Arts & Science, 27th Sept.2019.
Acted as Resource Person for a Seminar at V.M.K.V.Engineering College, Salem, on 31st July 2019.!prettyPhoto[gallery8]/0/
Acted as a Judge for Poster Presentation during Mohan Mantra on 6th Oct. 2016 at SVEC,Tirupati.
Got Ratification as Asst. Professor, ECE on 11th June 2015 from JNTU, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh.
Received Cash Award on 18th Sept.2010 for the 2nd Best Paper in Muthayammal Engg. College.
Received I Prize at Paavai Engg. College for Tech. Marketing & Poster Presentation, 4th Sept.2010.
Received I Prize in the event paper presentation at K.S.R. College of Technology on 9th Sept.2010.
Awarded with Grade-A for Soft Skills Training Conducted by HP at V.M.K.V.Engg.College.
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Digital Signal Processing